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Joining the Math Club

Can you find the cat in the junk pile?

Can you find the cat?

Today I visited my college’s math club for the first time. We met in a room in the mathematics department–all six of us. Out of about 11,000 students enrolled for college credit, the math club consisted of 3 professors and 2 other students. It is my understanding, however, that there are more than 5 members–they just didn’t all show up today for one reason or another.

It wasn’t exactly what I had anticipated. To be fair, I’ve never been part of an academic club, so I probably shouldn’t’ve’d (should not have had) preconceptions. For some reason, I expected the math club meeting to be a more challenging and more participatory version of a math lecture. It wasn’t. We watched the last part of a documentary on the Riemann Hypothesis (apparently they had watched the first part in last week’s meeting) after which they bandied about esoteric words like “topology” and tried to find a well-hidden cat in a photo of a massive junk pile, because, well you know–mathematicians are blind people in a dark room looking for a black cat which isn’t there.

I did find the experience interesting. I think I will officially join the club and begin attending it as regularly as I can. It’s an opportunity to network with like-minded people, and it’ll expand my horizons when it comes to number theory.

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