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Lazy Math Students

There it is!

There it is!

New Commandment: Any math student that leaves a test early and receives anything less than an A, shall be considered a failure and unworthy of the precision, the utter beauty, and the pure truth of mathematics.

Every math test that I’ve taken so far has been scheduled for a full two hours. Invariably though, half the students have left by the one hour mark. By the time I’ve triple-checked every equation, I’m one of the few that’s left. Always, I think, wow! this course has a lot of brilliant students! However, when I check the current average grades for the course, they’re around 65-80%. WHAT THE HELL?!?! Obviously, some of those students leaving early should keep right on walking and never look back.

What in bloody hell could possess students to leave a math test early AND do poorly on it at the same time? Do they not triple-check their work? Are there really students that are fine with C’s? Are there really people who pay good money to do things which will be on their permanent academic record and affect the rest of their academic life and subsequent career, AND they’re fine with mediocre?

Maybe those people should withdraw from college so that poor people that truly want an education can get the financial aid they need. I’m just putting it out there. If you don’t give it your everything, maybe you don’t deserve it.

Image credit: Math question image copyright (c) 2008 Jerry Paffendorf and made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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