This blog contains the sage and not so sage commentary on one human’s sudden dash toward his dreams.

So what  am I like? Hmm. Well, I don’t get out much, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do love traveling when I can afford it. I love everything science, and I love learning and trying new things (except food). I tend to do things in spurts (yes, that too on occasion). I’ve had flings with martial arts, web design, computer programming, entrepreneurship, number sequence puzzles, and I have an ongoing affair with very-amateur astronomy. I am an INTP (if you’re into personality types). I suffer from social anxiety and would rather study than party. Most people find me boring and a bit odd. I don’t talk much with other people; however, if I consider you a peer, I will talk your ear off about everything from the future of nanobots to the fact that the universe may be a simulation.

I was born to an Amish family, left when I was eighteen, vacillated hither and thither for the next eight years, and am finally in college to pursue my dreams. My dream is to learn everything… with a focus on mathematics and physics. I am reaching for the stars, both figuratively and literally. I dream of becoming an astrophysicist–to better understand this universe that I was so unceremoniously thrust into without the least regard for my own feelings about the matter. I also dream of working in the private space industry–to help mankind achieve its ultimate destiny of reaching the stars. These goals may be mutually exclusive, and who knows, maybe something even better will beckon.

I am the first in my family and the first of my friends to go to college so everything is a grand (and ignorant) adventure at this point. I hope I can hold onto that feeling (not the ignorant one). I am currently enrolled in a community college and seeking an A.A. degree. After that, I plan on transferring for a Bachelor’s in Physics, or maybe Astronomy, or maybe Aerospace Engineering, but most likely Physics.

I have what some might consider an odd sense of humor. Sometimes, much to my reader’s (I just have one, hence the possessive apostrophe on the left of the ‘s’) chagrin, that sense of humor escapes my tentative grasp and reveals itself on the page in all of its naked glory. When I write, I don’t just write–I play with words… and sentences, and sometimes, entire essays. Sometimes, much to my delight, I laugh out loud (i.e. LOL) at the things I write. If that should happen here on 21LiftOff, I would be most pleased. Generally, my sense of humor consists of three quarts of satire well-seasoned with absurdities and served with the spoon of sarcasm. If I’m feeling frisky, I’ll just whack you across the face with the spoon. For the record, my favorite work of fiction (and comedy), is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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