Financial Aid: Good News and Bad News

Yesterday, I discovered to my delight that the state of Florida is giving me a $500 grant for college (FL. Student Assistance Grant). I didn’t know they did that, and I didn’t know I was getting it, but hooray! It looks like they’ll give me another grant of the same amount in the spring. That’s not much toward the $17,000 estimated cost of attendance for the year, but it’ll sure help when the rent bill comes.

Now the bad news… Apparently, some colleges are charging students an additional fee, and they don’t allow financial aid or scholarships to be used to pay them. Some stupid shit about students being better students if they have to pay out-of-pocket for it. Well, what about poor people such as myself? I’m struggling to pay rent and maintain an internet connection. How the hell would I be expected to pay some stupid $1500-$4000 fee because a school thinks it’ll make me a better student? Read the story here and the original report here. The obvious solution to this problem is that scholarship providers need to pay cash directly to the student instead of to the school.

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